One-to-One Mentoring

How to Help

Volunteer for a few hours, two to four times a month, hanging out with a child/youth that just needs a friend. Play ball, garden, have a bonfire, cook, go to the beach, whatever will be fun for you both! You will help your Little Brother or Little Sister grow through some of the most impressionable years of their life.


  • A desire to have fun, relax, and be a friend to a child/youth.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age for the One-to-One Match Program.
  • Have a car or access to a car.
  • Have a valid California Drivers license.
  • Can provide proof of car insurance.
  • Have never been convicted of a felony involving harm to others or currently on probation with the law.
  • Agree to be matched with a child for a period of at least one year, and meet with your Little at least 2-4 times per month (3-5 hours per visit).

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Program Details

The One-to-One Match Program is what most people think of as the traditional Big Brother or Big Sister role. You will be matched with a 7-14 year old child usually from a single-parent family, who is looking for guidance and companionship. All it takes is a little of your time to provide encouragement, friendship, and good company.

We make every effort to assure that you are matched with a "Little" who shares your interests so that your relationship will be rewarding and mutually beneficial. Your Little Brother or Little Sister can come from a variety of backgrounds and economic levels, but that is what will make your relationship so unique.

Imagine the impact you can make with your advice and friendship. Although their schedules are sometimes hectic, Big Brothers and Big Sisters say the time spent with their match is one of the most rewarding events in their life. Best of all, you will give your Little Brother or Little Sister the positive self-esteem all children deserve to have.

BBBS is an inclusive organization. We always accept all genders and sexual orientations. All volunteers for this program, like all Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers, are interviewed, screened, and trained by our professional agency staff.