Changing the way children grow up in Santa Cruz County


What Is It?

Bowl For Kids’ Sake is Big Brothers Big Sisters’ largest annual fundraising event. It is a fun way to raise money and make a difference in a child’s life. It doesn’t cost you to bowl or rent shoes, you just ask people to sponsor you.

You! your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors… anyone and everyone.

Add to the fun by challenging others to friendly fundraising competitions!

How To Participate

The 2018 Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraising campaign starts in April when you form your team and start collecting pledges. It culminates with the bowling event on April 28th & 29th at the Boardwalk Bowl in Santa CruzIt’s easy. Join a pre-existing team OR be a team captain and gather 4 friends, family members or colleagues to be your team members.

Beginning in March, you can register your team by calling the Bowl for Kids’ Sake Coordinator at 831-464-8691 or click on the link “Register Your Team.” To set-up a fundraising website that you can email friends and family for donations click on “Start Fundraising.”  You can also use a paper pledge sheet that you can obtain by calling BBBS at 831-464-8691.

When you arrive at the event with your team, you hand in your sponsor contributions and pledges, and have fun bowling a free game! You might even qualify for one of our fabulous prizes. Ask us how!

Grand Prizes

We have several categories of prizes which are generously provided by our fine local businesses. The Grand Prize(s) is awarded to the individual(s) who collected the most pledges. Last year we had two Grand Prizes: 1) a voucher for a 2 night stay at the Seascape Resort & Spa and 2) a voucher for a 1 night stay with breakfast at the Chaminade.

Our next prize category is the Matchmaker Team Prizes. Matchmaker Teams are those bowling teams who have a pre-collected pledges totaling $1,000. This is the magic amount it takes to create a “match” between a youth in need and a caring mentoring adult for half a year. All the Matchmaker Teams are entered into a drawing for a team prize. Last year, we were fortunate enough to have 2 Matchmaker Team prizes:   Adult Matchmaker Prize and Youth Matchmaker Prize.

Past Adult Matchmaker Team Prizes have provided tickets to the team members for the Chardonnay II for a lovely cruise on the bay, all-day passes to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and the Boardwalk Blond Beer brewed by Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Keep checking in to see what we have come up with this year.

Past Youth Matchmaker Team Prize have included a Pizza and Pool party at Woodstock’s Pizza for the winning team and Boardwalk Laser Tag Tickets.

Questions And Answers

What impact does Bowl For Kids’ Sake have on my community?

100% of revenues raised from BFKS stay in Santa Cruz County and make up over 25% of Big Brothers Big Sisters¹ operating budget. All money raised goes directly to making and supporting a match between a caring adult role model (“Big”) and a local child between 7 and 14 (“Little”). Local and national research has shown that the positive relationships between Big Brothers and Big Sisters and their Littles have a direct, measurable, and lasting impact on children¹s lives.

What is a Corporate Challenge?

A fundraising challenge is issued to the business community. How to respond to the challenge? Designate a company coordinator to serve as a Team Recruiter and watch the fun begin! Encourage interdepartmental challenges, or even challenge another business to a friendly fundraising competition.

Where do you get materials, corporate handbook and collateral?

Contact BBBS Staff at / 831.464.8691 and they will assist you.

What is Kintera?

Kintera is a marketing infrastructure service provider offering advanced Internet fundraising solutions to charitable organizations. BBBS has contracted with Kintera to provide online support for the Bowl for Kids’ Sake Campaign. Through the website you can register to receive pledges online for the event and to record funds collected from family, friends, and colleagues.

Is my information secure with Kintera?

Yes. All transaction and credit card information entering Kintera systems is encrypted. No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted in a web browser for Kintera. You can be completely secure in the knowledge that nothing you enter as part of a secure Kintera transaction can be examined, phished or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.

Will Kintera put my name on various mailing lists?

If you donate on Kintera, they collect your information for the purpose of Bowl for Kids’ Sake only.  Your information is not shared by Kintera nor BBBS.

For additional questions please contact the BBBS staff by
or call: (831) 464-8691