Changing the way children grow up in Santa Cruz County

Match Of The Year 2018

An annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County Award

Celebrating a match that experienced significant growth and demonstrates the impact a mentoring friendship can have.

Recognizing this match at the annual Holiday Party in December.

Honoring the match with a uniquely designed gift provided by businesses and/or individuals in the community
that wish to recognize the Match of the Year.

Tehya & Aimee

Match of the Year 2018

When Aimee Mangan is asked about her experience of being a Big Sister she responds with, “It is impactful, needed, easy, and fun. “ Aimee has been matched with her Little Sister Teyha since 2011. During that time Aimee and Teyha have participated in a wide range of activities with one goal in mind, spending time together. The pair’s outings have including baking, hiking, roller-skating, attending plays, surfing, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and watching Giants and Warriors games through donated tickets. These adventures provide a backdrop for Teyha to experience new things, share thoughts, ask questions, and receive encouragement from a caring adult role model.

Teyha is the youngest of six children in a single parent home. Her mother Kristi knows first hand how impactful having a mentor can be for a child. Several of Teyha’s older siblings have benefited from having a Big Brother or Sister. Kristi states, “I honestly can’t say enough about this program. When the matches are made, they are made with great thought and consideration for not only the child but the adult mentor as well. Big Brothers Big Sisters creates safe and caring relationships which can continue to grow for many years.”

Aimee describes Teyha as “bright, sociable, and goal orientated.” Teyha started high school this year and Aimee is looking forward to seeing her passions and skills develop. They often talk about college and Teyha knows that Aimee is available to provide guidance and support through the process.

Tehya’s mother Kristi is grateful to Aimee for the time that she has spent with her daughter. “Aimee is a very caring person and she really wants the best for Teyha; she has shown this throughout the last seven years with her time, support, and enthusiasm. There’s an old saying it takes a village to raise a child and I am very fortunate to have Aimee be a part of my village. “ states Kristi.

Mentoring is a simple concept that can have powerful results. With the guidance and friendship of caring mentors, children are not limited by their circumstances. Mentors help provide children with the foundation they need to do better in school and make better life choices.

Marie Cubillas, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County shares, “I am honored to acknowledge Aimee and Teyha as the Match of the Year. They are a strong match and exemplify the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

Since 1982 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County has served over 6,000 at risk youth, by matching them to screened and trained adult volunteers who provide guidance, emotional support and appropriate role modeling. Currently, there are over 60 kids on the waiting list for a caring mentor. For more information visit or call 831-464-8691.

To find out more about how you or your business can help us celebrate the Match of the Year, contact the BBBS office.